Be the Loaf Campaign launches


Crime-fighting Pastor Calls for Unusual Donation: Bread Making Machines

For Immediate Release

Contact: Suzanne Yack

Feb. 18, 200469


– A pastor who offers a safe sanctuary and tutoring for children on Jacksonville’s low-income north side is asking the community for donations of good, usable bread-making machines.

Pastor Moses Criswell was rebuffed by a major bakery-coffeehouse chain when he requested day-old bread to help his after-school program at Triumph Community Development Corp., 1312 Franklin Street. He turned to Scripture for advice on getting more children to come and study after school – an after-school snack is essential to ensure attendance.

“All children need some sort of after-school care,” said Criswell, who has become known in his neighborhood for taking on thugs and street-sold drugs. “We have to break the cycle of poverty and crime through education. But growing children need an after-school snack.”

“We realize that Panera Bread Company can’t help every nonprofit that asks for help, but out on these streets, children are fighting for their lives,” he said of the neighborhood where shootings have become commonplace.

That’s how Criswell’s “Be the Loaf” campaign started – realizing that the community could assist. Donated bread machines* will be put into service at the after-school program to create nutritious after-school sandwich bread for up to 100 children.

To be part of the “Be the Loaf” campaign and donate your bread making machine contact Suzanne Yack, 904-737-7469.

*Machines not used at the church will be auctioned to raise funds for peanut butter and jelly.


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