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Melting Pot Cuisine Expert Blogs about Be the Loaf

March 5, 2008

Melting Pot food expert Ingar Brunnett posted a piece on Be the Loaf on her  blog this week. If you can keep your eyes off the lead photo on her blog (I think it’s octopus, but maybe squid), scroll down to the feature that captures the whole, delicious Be the Loaf movement, photos and all. That Ingar can cook and she sure can teach cooking — and she’s got a way with words.


Dr. and Mrs. Cookie Dough teach the art of the cookie

March 1, 2008

Jeffrey and Shari Weitzner were featured Celebrity Chefs at Triumph Community Development Corporation on Feb. 29, 2008, when they brought their famous chocolate cookie recipe and worked with Triumph kids making and baking the real deal. Wow, what a day, and the basement of the church has never smelled so delicious. With kids dancing in the background during their weekly dance lessons, and gooey chocolate chip cookies coming from the oven, and with Belinda Criswell leading an art project at the table, it was simply an amazing day. Thanks, everyone, for all you do for the children.Shari and Jeff Weitzner teaching baking at Triumph